That Brooms are very funny to run after and attack ,vacuum cleaners are not so nasty as they seem at first but rather noisy and cover the music. As soon as the weather permits they all rush out the door to taste flowers and tulip bulbs ,grass and leaves and discover the magical feeling of the sun shining on their bellies .They play hide and seek in the flower bushes and fall asleep in little (big) piles.. nothing is more heartwarming than watching them discovering butterflies and birds etc…Oh I forgot they also love playing with water.. pretending to be fishing wild salmon in their water dish or mistaking Big snakes with the water hose!!! When they grow bigger they love going down the garden to watch the chickens ,ducks and geese they can spend hours sitting in a row just figuring out how to lay eggs!!!…They are also thrilled to meet the 2 mini Shetlands Flo and Malibu who they fleabite from the other side of the fence and play running up and down the paddock.. Puppies !!! As you see akita puppy life is quite intense here!!!