While Bruno was watching the Tennis finals in Wimbledon, Tony, Mary and Vuitton were playing around on the bed in the Hotel Room, having no idea of the importance of the show that was coming up the next day!

In Fact it Was The World Show in Amsterdam… Vuitton was placed first in puppy bitch…it was her first show and she was totally naked looking more like a Basenji than an Akita puppy but she enjoyed every minute of the show and of course enjoyed the fuss made about her in the hotel ….

Tony was 2nd in Jr dog

And Mary stole the show being awarded the title of: junior world champion and RES CAC at the tender age of 10 months! Quite incredible…

Then we went to the Special Japanese Kennel Club Show … and were absolutely thrilled by Mr Kamisato’s judging.

He awarded TONY first in JR Dog and Mary was first in JR bitch &also best opposite sex!!!!!! Ooohhhh what a day!!!!

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